PLAIN HIJABS: Essentials!

Climate changes may be prove problematic for fashion trends and for a woman's organised wardrobe, however, rain, snow or sunshine; INAYAH's wide selection of plain coloured hijabs in soft georgette and chiffon are sure to add the perfect touch of colour and convey your own unique style no matter what it's like outside.

The beauty of a plain coloured hijab in a soft tone such as our Ink Blue Soft Georgette Hijab is sometimes overlooked unfairly. Tonal shades vary depending upon the lighting and setting, and something plain and simple can suddenly take on a whole new dimension with minimal effort. Alternatively, a strong vibrant shade such as our Deep Red Soft Georgette Hijab makes the ideal accompaniment to a well defined black abaya such as our Black Glare Abaya. Using the same hijab but pairing it up with our Latte Abaya will instantly transform your outlook to one of spring and summer. Quick and easy; you've suddenly switched your outfit around quicker than changes in London weather!

The unquestionable characteristic of a plain coloured hijab is that it makes no compromises about what it is; a plain colour. Our plain hijabs act as a paint palette of modesty and allow you to become an artist in your own right. The objective: to modestly convey an aspect of your individual being. A word of caution; not all artists paint the perfect picture at this first attempt! Having a choice of colours is wonderful but they need to work according to the purpose you intend to use them for. So whilst tucking into our sweetshop of plain coloured hijabs, keep a mindful eye on how you're going to pair them up and think about how well each colour will work for you.

A plain introduction to your new hijab palette…happy shopping!

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