DUSK ABAYA - We LOVE shirt abayas and maxis!

Pictured: Basma wearing INAYAH's popular Dusk Abaya.
INAYAH's Dusk Abaya features pleats, antique gold buttons and a drawstring belt ensuring comfort and practicality, this abaya is absolutely ideal for everyday wear. To transform our Dusk Abaya into a classic work-wear abaya, why not pair it up with a smart printed hijab, such as ourClustered Garden Hijab or our Mink Soft Georgette Hijab for a touch of class!
With easy opening buttons across the front of the shirt dress abaya, this is also a must have for all nursing mums on the go who can now remain comfortable, stylist and modest!
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COMING SOON. A collection of beautifully crafted modest dresses, unique abayas, jilbabs and summer friendly hijabs. To be in for a chance to win £250.00 of INAYAH clothing from our new collection, simply share this image on your facebook or instagram and tell us what you love about INAYAH by commenting on our pages!
Pictured: A modest and luxurious couture evening wear gown, coming soon to www.inayahcollection.com. 


Modest Dresses - With a Twist!

We believe in going that extra mile and creating designs that will leave lasting impressions. INAYAH's modest shirt dresses are a fine example of exactly this. Featuring signature drapes and pleats across the front and the back of the garment, our modest shirt dresses will undoubtedly make an elegant statement. A tasteful, versatile mid-length modest dress which does not appear unflattering can be extremely difficult to find, however, with a formal collar, cuffs, vintage antique gold buttons, amazing drapes, the perfect cut and fabric consistency, this design is absolutely ideal for almost any occasion! Whether it be your work place, interviews, college, graduation, a lunch date with the girls or simply for everyday wear. Switching looks is easy. Pair the dress up with gold or silver accents for an unrivalled timeless look, or wear simple with a plain hijab for a casual everyday look. However you decide to wear them, our modest shirt dresses available in three amazing colours will no doubt make a sleek addition to your wardrobe!
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Soft and Luxurious Maxi Jersey Hijabs!

Pictured; The lovely Khadijah wearing our luxuriously soft and versatile Mid-grey Jersey Hijab! With a generous length and width, this hijab is absolutely ideal for those of you who require extra coverage and/or have a preference for creating defined drapes.
Not only does this make our jersey hijabs an everyday essential, but as displayed by Khadijah, INAYAH's jersey hijabs are also great for those special occasions! By layering the hijab and creating drapes, you will instantly achieve an evening look without compromising on comfort and modesty. The generous size and light-weight quality fabric of our jersey hijabs, will allow you to style your hijab in various ways to suit your face shape and overall outfit!
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Maternity & Nursing Friendly Abayas, Jilbabs & Modest Dresses

The hunt for stylish, unique and comfortable maternity and nursing abayas, jilbabs and modest dresses is now over. The latest addition to INAYAH's maternity & nursing collection is this elegant Navy Stream Abaya made using high quality fabric - The perfect essential for your modest wardrobe and suitable for all seasons!

New In: Modest Dresses, Outerwear & Abayas!

INAYAH have just released a brand new small line of spring essentials. Your favourite abayas and modest dresses now available in exciting new colours, sizes and lengths! Shop online at www.inayahcollection.com


COTTON HIJABS: A beautiful Spring/Summer Palette!

The sunshine has arrived…even if for a moment. We've decided to welcome in the beautiful spring rays with a wide range of Pure Cotton Hijabs. 

Our Cotton Hijabs are wonderfully lightweight and their generous size offers the perfect dimensions for an effortlessly styled hijab with beautiful drapes and maximum comfort.

We have tones to suit all palettes and wardrobes; our Cotton Hijabs are the absolute essential companion to all modest fashion lovers. In addition to the colour there is also the texture which portrays an extra depth to the colours of our Cotton Hijabs; subtle but always present. If you're someone who has their head in the clouds then reach out and grab yourself our Mustard Cotton Hijab. If you prefer absorbing the floral scents and aromas in the summer air then inhale our Pale Mink Cotton Hijab, or if you fancy yourself to be a royal member of humanity at large, then indulge yourself in our Palace Blue Cotton Hijab to solidify your reign as Queen of Modesty! If you're none of the above, don't worry we haven't forgotten you; we have plenty more shades and even more on the way to make sure your wardrobe stays fresh all year.

Happy shopping to all!


Hand Dyed Silk Chiffon Hijabs

INAYAH have just released a beautiful range of exclusive silk chiffon hijabs, hand dyed using a careful selection of stylish colour combinations. Available in four distinct colour palettes, these new hijabs work extremely well in complementing a range of looks, from everyday to occasional. Why not pair the Charcoal Silk Chiffon Hijab up with one of INAYAH's blacksignature abayas for workwear or opt for our Marble Silk Chiffon Hijab for a more casual, everyday look. Our Ripple Silk Chiffon Hijab is an absolute essential for your spring/summer wardrobe this year as the choice of colour combinations make the hijab extremely versatile, allowing you to pair the hijab up with almost any colour and any garment. Wear the tie-dye trend this season with your favourite tie-dye hijab from INAYAH. Here's ours!


PLAIN HIJABS: Essentials!

Climate changes may be prove problematic for fashion trends and for a woman's organised wardrobe, however, rain, snow or sunshine; INAYAH's wide selection of plain coloured hijabs in soft georgette and chiffon are sure to add the perfect touch of colour and convey your own unique style no matter what it's like outside.

The beauty of a plain coloured hijab in a soft tone such as our Ink Blue Soft Georgette Hijab is sometimes overlooked unfairly. Tonal shades vary depending upon the lighting and setting, and something plain and simple can suddenly take on a whole new dimension with minimal effort. Alternatively, a strong vibrant shade such as our Deep Red Soft Georgette Hijab makes the ideal accompaniment to a well defined black abaya such as our Black Glare Abaya. Using the same hijab but pairing it up with our Latte Abaya will instantly transform your outlook to one of spring and summer. Quick and easy; you've suddenly switched your outfit around quicker than changes in London weather!

The unquestionable characteristic of a plain coloured hijab is that it makes no compromises about what it is; a plain colour. Our plain hijabs act as a paint palette of modesty and allow you to become an artist in your own right. The objective: to modestly convey an aspect of your individual being. A word of caution; not all artists paint the perfect picture at this first attempt! Having a choice of colours is wonderful but they need to work according to the purpose you intend to use them for. So whilst tucking into our sweetshop of plain coloured hijabs, keep a mindful eye on how you're going to pair them up and think about how well each colour will work for you.

A plain introduction to your new hijab palette…happy shopping!


HIJABS: Trends

2013 sees the presence of strong geometric, abstract and vibrant florals prints take centre stage set against complimentary colours in the fashion domain. INAYAH have introduced a broad range of plain hijabs as well as some striking printed hijabs in beautiful fabrics to rejuvenate your wardrobe.

Our Diamond Maze Hijab features a bold pattern of white, navy and rust orange angular shapes which work perfectly when set against a solid item of clothing such as our Latte Abaya. For something a little less solid but just as rich in colour, we recommend opting for our Four Seasons Hijab, which offers a wonderful mix of tones to match a wide range of abayas and dresses - as the name suggests - across all four seasons!

Next in line is our new Regal Ochre Hijab; the rich, golden ochre tone provides the perfect backdrop for the intricate print which oozes english heritage and commands its place with a lovely shade of blue. INAYAH suggests pairing this beautiful printed hijab with our unique and moest Salient Midi Dress for a casual but classy look.

We love florals at INAYAH and believe that floral hijabs are a must have in every wardrobe. Our limited edition Afternoon Tea Hijab and Scented Mist Hijab are both beautifully soft, elegant, and each work in their own way to transform an outfit with delicate subtlety. For a modest summer look, why not pair up our Afternoon Tea Hijab with our elegant Scarlet Braid Abaya or our Ruched Abaya. If you are looking for a printed hijab which is toned down but with a hint of colour; INAYAH recommends purchasing our Scented Mist Hijab and pairing it up with our Black Glare Abaya.