COTTON HIJABS: A beautiful Spring/Summer Palette!

The sunshine has arrived…even if for a moment. We've decided to welcome in the beautiful spring rays with a wide range of Pure Cotton Hijabs. 

Our Cotton Hijabs are wonderfully lightweight and their generous size offers the perfect dimensions for an effortlessly styled hijab with beautiful drapes and maximum comfort.

We have tones to suit all palettes and wardrobes; our Cotton Hijabs are the absolute essential companion to all modest fashion lovers. In addition to the colour there is also the texture which portrays an extra depth to the colours of our Cotton Hijabs; subtle but always present. If you're someone who has their head in the clouds then reach out and grab yourself our Mustard Cotton Hijab. If you prefer absorbing the floral scents and aromas in the summer air then inhale our Pale Mink Cotton Hijab, or if you fancy yourself to be a royal member of humanity at large, then indulge yourself in our Palace Blue Cotton Hijab to solidify your reign as Queen of Modesty! If you're none of the above, don't worry we haven't forgotten you; we have plenty more shades and even more on the way to make sure your wardrobe stays fresh all year.

Happy shopping to all!


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