Soft and Luxurious Maxi Jersey Hijabs!

Pictured; The lovely Khadijah wearing our luxuriously soft and versatile Mid-grey Jersey Hijab! With a generous length and width, this hijab is absolutely ideal for those of you who require extra coverage and/or have a preference for creating defined drapes.
Not only does this make our jersey hijabs an everyday essential, but as displayed by Khadijah, INAYAH's jersey hijabs are also great for those special occasions! By layering the hijab and creating drapes, you will instantly achieve an evening look without compromising on comfort and modesty. The generous size and light-weight quality fabric of our jersey hijabs, will allow you to style your hijab in various ways to suit your face shape and overall outfit!
*To be featured on our blog wearing your INAYAH item, please email info@inayahcollection.com with your image & location.

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